Poster presentations

Poster presentation guidelines

The posters at CAA2016 will be at the entrance to the Aula in Domus Media. We will also have all posters online in order to make the posters visible before, during and after the Conference.
A poster session is scheduled at 17:10–18:00 Wednesday 30 March at Aulaen.

Posters are intended to be focused heavily on graphics with little text. The presenter can stand alongside her/his poster and engage in face to face interactions.

◾Each poster will be identified by a code that will identify where to hang the poster and web page. The posters are listed in the program separately and at the end of the relevant paper session.
◾Each author is responsible for designing, printing, bringing and placing posters in the proper location.
◾Each author is also requested to submit a digital version of the poster. The digital poster should be submitted by 20. March . The poster will stay online untill 1. July 2016.
The poster should be uploaded here:
◾Poster set up is planned for Tuesday, March 29th after 12:00 and early morning (from 8.00 to 9.00) Wednesday, March 30th. They must be removed by Friday afternoon, April 1st, by 16.00.
◾Posters will be displayed on freestanding boards. The surfaces of the boards are fabric-covered and posters can be attached with tacks that will be provided from the local organizers. The boards are 0.95 m wide and 2.5 m tall, accommodating posters up to A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) in portrait format. Landscape format is not accepted. Posters must be prepared on one single sheet (multiple sheets are not allowed).

– Posters should be printed on high quality paper. When creating the poster layout use a digital output size of A0 or A1 to avoid resolution issues. Please don’t use a smaller size.
– Avoid using all capitals in your text and do not underline. Caps and underlining is hard to read in more than a short sentence.

The following format is recommended:
– Title – 80pt Arial bold (centred) unless it exceeds three lines (if it does: use a smaller point size or shorten the title)
– Main headings – 36pt Arial bold
– Captions – 18pt italic
– Body Text – use at least 20pt Arial justified text. Anything smaller is difficult to read on a poster
– Maintain consistency by using the same text sizes and image width on all figures. The less text the better – it is difficult for people to stand at a poster and read an excessive amount of text while the author is standing there waiting to be engaged.
– Striking images and colorful charts/diagrams will help stimulate discussion and interaction.

The required way to submit the digital poster is as a .jpg-file.
The .jpg-files will be presented in the digital poster gallery.

We have been asked if it is possible to include a video in the digital poster.
We are positive to this approach, which will allow to explore other possibilities inherent in a digital poster gallery.

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