Cátia Sofia Machado Teixeira, João Pedro Pereira da Costa Bernardes, Célia Maria Alves Gonçalves

Using GIS Modeling to reconstruct the urban landscape of the Roman city of Ossonoba

Eveline Kiki Kuijjer, Rosemary Helen Farr, Robert Marsh, Ivan David Haigh, Erik van Sebille

Exploitation of prevailing winds and currents by the earliest known seafarers, reaching and colonizing Australasia c 50 000 years age

Moritz Mennenga, Hauke Jöns

P4 The first web based viewer for archaeological underwater sites in Europe: The Splashcos─Viewer

Ana Seabra, Cristina Barroso-Cruz, Filipa Neto

Bioarchaeology Module – Loading please hold… Recording human bioarchaeological data from portuguese archaeological field reports

Anna Maria Kubicka

Underwater archaeological remains open to the public diving –close range photogrammetry as a digital preservation and complex documentations of despairing relicts

George Alexis Pantos

Questions and bottlenecks: the precariousness of computation heavy documentation in the field

Sorin Hermon, Valentina Vassallo, Giusi Sorrentino, Uros Damnjanovic

Combining analytical and digital data in archaeology: Towards a multidisciplinary ontological solution. The Salamis terracottas case-study

Akihiro Kaneda

How to classification? – A trial examining the effectiveness of an elliptic Fourier descriptor for Japanese archaeological studies

Till Frieder Sonnemann

Patterns and Recognition: Mapping indigenous settlement topography in the Caribbean

Susanne Rutishauser

Urbanism in the Cilician Plain from Chalcolithic to Byzantine Period

Analía Andrade, Joan Anton Barceló, Florencia Del Castillo

Artificial Neural Networks to estimate Paleotemperatures in North Patagonia (Argentina) based on micromammals sequences

Alexis Gorgues, Florent Comte, Sonia Syllac

From the field to the show-room : The Augmented─ Reality Kilns ExhibitiOn (ARKEO)

Mar Zamora Merchán, Javier Baena Preysler

Teaching GIS in archaeology: What students focus on

Mar Zamora Merchán, Javier Baena Preysler

Teaching GIS in archaeology: What students focus on

Evy Berg

WW2 remains as cultural heritage

Lauren Massari

Archives, archaeology, and architecture: A multimedia approach for 3D reconstructions

Michal Michalski, Robert Carter, Daniel Eddisford, Richard Fletcher, Colleen Morgan

Doha Online Historical Atlas—GIS interactive mapping of space and time in a pearling town

Luisa Dallai, Vanessa Volpi, Alessandro Donati

A multidisciplinary project for the study of historical landscapes: New archaeological and physicochemical data from the “Colline Metallifere” district

Xosefina Otero

New Eyes to Old Graphics. Rock Art in the Emirate of Sharjah

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